Let’s Get Physical

Adults aged 65 and older still need to be active. This does not necessarily mean running miles or lifting weights. Good physical activity is essential to healthy aging.  The phrase “use it or loose it” is a statement that becomes truer as we get older. There are three major actions you can take to stay healthy and physical.

  • At least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity activity such as brisk walking can help with muscles, mind, and feelings of independence.
  • At least two days per week of muscle training can strengthen mobility for sore or unused ligaments and muscles.
  • Activities such as yoga three days a week can improve balance.

Even with chronic conditions, you can still be physically active without injury.  Just moving around the house or walking to the neighbors house can improve your health.

During winter months or cold weather, many places like malls or large retail chains can provide a place to walk and socialize. Some areas also have gyms or recreation centers that cater to older adults for walking and specialized exercise programs.

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